Snowflake symbol with horizontal like underneath representing the ultra-warm property.

Ultra Warm

Protects your body even in the most severe temperature

Four wavy lines and a shield representing odor-resistance.

Odor Resistant

Does not retain odors due to antibacterial properties

Checkered square representing the machine-washable property.

Machine Washable

Can be worn for several days before washing

A water drop between two vertical lines pointing up with a horizontal line and two rows of horizontal drops underneath representing the moisture-wicking property.


Wicks moisture away from skin, helping to keep your feet dry and warm

A horizontal line crossing in the middle three vertical arrows pointing up representing the thermoregulatory property.


Consistently maintains a comfortable body temperature

What makes us special?

Siberia Spirit products combine Old World elegance with our original designs bringing you luxurious and warm goat hair creations. They are made in small batches by skilled craftswomen using traditional methods. Small variations in color and weave make each pair unique. Warm, comfortable, and beautiful to wear, each item will find a special place in your wardrobe/heart.

OMG... I just love these socks!

“This is the 3rd pair I ordered and I now have a total of 4 pairs… . My feet are soooo warm in them."– Judy, Tehachapi, California

I’m a raving fan

“A year ‘round sock, I wear them everywhere, even without shoes when just knocking about the house.”- Will, San Diego, California

They are so soft and wonderful

“Positively love them. They are never too hot (which can happen with some socks) and my feet are never cold. It’s a miracle sock.”– Bunny, Richmond, Virginia

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