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Discovering Goat Breeds for Wool, Featuring the Altai Mountain Goat

When it comes to wool, sheep typically dominate the conversation. However, you might be surprised to learn that goats can also provide an impressive range of natural, luxury fibers. In fact, many people who try goat wool actually end up preferring it over sheep wool because of its softer and fluffier qualities. Consumers hardly even know that goat wool is an option, let alone the different characteristics that make each unique. If you’re looking for more on the topic but are clueless about where to start, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most notable wool-producing goats in the industry, with special attention to the Altai mountain goat. You’ll soon see why as we delve into the fascinating world of wool-producing goats.

Cashmere Goats

White, fluffy cashmere goat mother and smiling baby.

Cashmere goats are famous for their ability to produce one of the finest and softest natural fibers in the world. Originating from the Kashmir region of India, they are now bred globally and prized for their lavish inner coats. These goats produce exquisite cashmere wool in varying lengths and qualities. Interestingly, their wool is harvested through combing rather than the more common practice of shearing. 

Angora Goats

Angora goat with coiled curls laying in barn.

Originally from Ankara, Turkey, Angora goats have long been admired for their beautiful silky fleece known as mohair. This fiber possesses a lustrous sheen and comes in a wide range of natural colors. Angora goats are shorn twice a year, making them highly sought after for their prolific fiber production.

Cashgora Goats

Dark-colored cashgora goat in brick building.

Cashgora goats provide the best of both worlds. A cross between cashmere and Angora goats, these breeds are known for their soft and warm fleece. Similar to cashmere and mohair, they provide a luxurious alternative for fiber lovers. Cashgora goats offer a wide range of color options along with top-tier warmth and durability.

Pygora Goats

Two shaggy pygora goats in hay.

Pygora goats are a cross-breed between Pygmy goats and Angora goats. This breed offers a unique combination of silky mohair fleece and the charming appearance of small-sized goats. These miniature wonders produce soft, fine fleece in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them a popular choice among fiber artists.

Altai Mountain Goats

Majestic Altai goat grazing on a grassy hillside.

You will find Altai mountain goats living in the rugged terrain of the Altai Mountains in Central Asia. Although this breed is lesser-known for wool production, their wool is some of the finest and most luxurious on the market. The goal of developing this goat was not only for higher wool production, but also the ability to withstand the most severe weather conditions present in Siberia. Here are some key factors that make them so unique:

Climate Adaptability 

Altai goats are native to the harsh terrain of the Altai Mountains. These mountains are known for their frigid temperatures and challenging environmental conditions. To survive in such harsh climates, they have developed a double-layered coat made of long guard hairs and a dense, yet fine, undercoat. Their undercoat is responsible for the wool’s impressive insulation capabilities, helping them to withstand freezing temperatures. This layer provides significant warmth by effectively trapping air between the fibers, creating a layer of insulation that helps retain body heat, making it perfect for cold climates. This means that this wool can keep you warm when you’re up against some of the most extreme conditions mother nature can offer.

Long Crimped Fibers

The length of these fibers is what really sets this wool apart from any other. The length and volume of Altai goat wool are three to four times longer than the local goats of the region. Longer hairs mean not only a smoother texture but a fluffier one as well due to the crimped structure of goat wool. “Crimp” refers to the natural waves or bends present in the fiber. This structure adds a special resilience, elasticity, and bounce to the wool, making it highly desirable for various textile applications. The crimp also lets the fiber trap air, which further reinforces its insulating and warming abilities. This unique structure also means that clothes made from this material maintain their shape even after heavy use.

Fiber Diameter

Despite its durability, Altai goat wool remains incredibly soft and gentle against the skin. This is because Altai goat hair exhibits a range of fiber diameters, with some of the finest fibers measuring just around 16 to 18 microns. For those unfamiliar with fiber diameter, just know it plays a crucial role in determining the softness and comfort of the wool. The finer the fiber, the softer it is to the touch, and more more luxurious it feels against the skin. These fine fibers make this wool one of the best options for various clothing items, especially those meant for sensitive areas such as socks, scarves, and hats.

Strength and Durability

You can rest assured that products made from Altai goat wool can withstand wear and maintain their integrity over time. The robust nature of Altai goat wool makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Its resilience is attributed to the crimp of the fiber, which provides natural elasticity and bounce. Its strength makes it an excellent choice for various applications including clothing, blankets, winter socks, and outdoor gear. Its unique blend of insulation, durability, and comfort makes it suitable for both high-performance outdoor clothing as well as cozy indoor garments. 

Natural Colors 

If you prefer a more natural color palette, you may appreciate that Altai goat hair is available in a variety of natural colors. This includes shades of white, gray, brown, and black. The natural hues allow for a diverse range of aesthetic options when creating textiles and garments. Since no synthetic dyes or additives are necessary to achieve their color, the most natural and high-grade material will be resting against your skin.  


One of the most appealing benefits of Altai goat wool is its ethical and sustainable production. Since they are typically raised in free-range systems, they graze on natural mountain vegetation. This means happy goats and farmers alike since less intervention is needed to raise them compared to other types of wool production. Ultimately, this reduces the need for chemicals and other extra resources like water and energy. Their wool also comes from a semi-annual coat-shedding process, making it a renewable and eco-friendly resource. For these reasons, Altai goat wool is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable choices available today.

Cultural Significance 

Altai goat wool, known locally as "golden fleece," is a valued resource in the Altai region of Russia. For generations, Altai communities have used it to make traditional clothing and textiles that reflect their nomadic way of life and connection to natural surroundings. Aside from playing a vital role in surviving the harsh winters, this fabric holds special cultural significance for the people of the Altai Mountains. These communities use it for an important purpose – to preserve their cultural identity by showcasing their history. The patterns and designs that are typically embroidered on their wool garments represent the evolution of their unique and vibrant heritage. These designs often have spiritual and symbolic meanings reflecting the beliefs and traditions of Altai communities. By continuing these designs now and into the future, the Altai people ensure their culture’s survival. 

Exploring these breeds has proven the immense diversity and versatility within the realm of goat wool. As we’ve discovered, while sheep tend to reign supreme in reputation, goats can potentially offer a much more luxurious alternative. From the softness of cashmere and mohair to unique blends like cashgora and pygora, various goat breeds cater to different fiber enthusiasts. The unique Altai mountain goat adds an exciting dimension to the world of wool. This wool is highly durable, renowned for its warmth, and has a characteristic crimp that adds bounce and resilience to the fiber. Its uniqueness stems from its climate adaptability, crimped structure, fine fiber diameter, strength, natural colors, sustainability, and cultural significance. All of these qualities combine to create a special fiber that offers insulation, durability, comfort, and a connection to the rich heritage of the Altai Mountains. 

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