How It All Began...

It all started when Aleksandra brought a pair of goat wool socks to her mother-in-law, Linda, as a gift. Linda was amazed by their beauty and warmth and suggested starting a family business that would create and sell this type of socks. Eventually, together we found a group of women in the small town of Rasskazovo who were able to handcraft goat and sheep wool socks with our designs.

Perfect Solution for Cold Feet

We discovered there were many people, especially women, suffering from cold feet. Unfortunately, there were only a few solutions to help with the issue. We felt our goat hair socks were a perfect way to resolve the problem. And we were right! Based on many, many, many positive responses we have received from our customers, our goat wool socks have become the perfect solution for cold feet!

Artisanal-style Products

Our Artisanal-style products have been designed to achieve the look and comfort of traditional Old World hand-knit apparel. They are similar to the goat hair and sheep wool products you can find at farmer’s markets in European cities and countryside. Many of our designs are based on patterns that have been handed down through generations. Small variations in color and weave occur naturally and make each item a unique addition to anyone`s wardrobe.

Altai Mountain Goat

Most of our accessories are made of 80% Altai Mountain goat hair, which makes them extremely soft, warm, and fluffy. Goat hair is similar to sheep wool and is known for its amazing properties. In addition to our goat hair products, we also offer men’s 80% Merino sheep wool socks with a less fluffy and more smooth finish. Siberia Spirit apparel will provide you, our discerning customer, with warmth, comfort, and enjoyment.