Two Women – two cultures – one dream

Siberia Spirit is the story of two women, a mother-daughter-in-law duo, who joined their talents and expertise to create some of the finest goat hair products available. “Siberia” represents our knowledge of quality European cold-weather products, while “Spirit” refers to our American entrepreneurial philosophy. Aleksandra brings the innovative vision of the younger generation, while Linda preserves the integrity of traditional artisanal designs. This is how our company brings a modern approach to traditional goat-hair accessories.

What inspired us?

We were inspired by the goat hair socks themselves. Once we wore them and realized how warm and comfortable they were, we wanted to share out enjoyment of these wonderful products with other people.

Our Mission

We strive to keep people warm and comfortable anytime anywhere.

Our Vision

To become the leader in the warm socks and accessories industry.

Our Values

Positive Impact

Have a positive impact on those who craft and purchase our products.


We put the needs and wants of our customers first.


Provide superior quality products.

Human Connection

Every person is a part of our extended Siberia Spirit family where everyone feels important and valued.