Unisex Snowstorm Non-Binding Goat Wool Crew Socks

$32 USD

About this Pattern:

This is one snowstorm that won't affect your cold feet. Our fluffy wool socks with their delicate snowflakes will cover your feet in warmth and comfort. Enjoy them as the snowflakes swirl around your feet in a quiet dance that will lift your spirits on a cold winter day.

Amazing Properties:           Wear them as:

- Ultra Warm                     - Bed socks
- Odor Resistant                - Hiking socks
- Wick Moisture                 - Winter boot socks
- Ideal Thermoregulator   


- 80% soft goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers   
- Top to mid-heel length: 7.5"
- Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry