Rose Bouquet

$37.00 USD

About this Pattern:

We've been told that these are very special roses. They only grow in cold temperatures in the heart of Siberia. Some say they bring luck, some say they bring love... Maybe it's true, maybe it's not; it's up to you to find out. But what we know for sure, is that they are beautiful and warm and will bring you lots of joy and comfort.

Amazing Properties:           Great for:

- Ultra Warm                     - Around the house
- Odor Resistant                - Hiking Boots 
- Wick Moisture                 - Winter/tall Boots
- Ideal Thermoregulator   


- 80% soft goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers     
- Top to mid-heel length: 17"
- Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry