Unisex Frisky Foxes Goat Wool Thick Crew Socks

$32 USD

   Properties:            Wear them as:

          Ultra Warm                           Slipper socks
          Odor Resistant                     Camping socks
          Wick Moisture                      Sleeping socks
          Thermoregulating              ✨ Lounge wear


About this Pattern:

To help you stay warm and cozy on a cold night, you'll want to cuddle with our cute foxes. With their pointy ears and fluffy tail wrapped around their little paws, our Frisky Foxes will snuggle your feet and keep you toasty. A light dusting of powdery snowflakes surrounding the foxes completes the design, creating an adorable pair of thick wool socks.



✨ Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry
✨ Top to mid-heel length: 8"
✨ 80% goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers