Women's Crystal Snow Thick Non-Binding Goat Wool Socks

$32 USD

About this Pattern:

These thick wool socks with a light blue background contain a little bit of sparkle in the snowflake design. The sparkling thread mimics the effect of sunlight reflecting from freshly fallen snow. As everyone knows, no two snowflakes are alike, much like our Siberia Spirit socks, where small variations in stitching and weave make each pair unique.

Amazing Properties:           Wear them as:

- Ultra Warm                     - Slipper socks
- Odor Resistant              - Camping socks
- Wick Moisture                 
- Ideal Thermoregulator   


- 80% soft goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers 
- Top to mid-heel length: 7.5"
- Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry