Women's Winterberries Goat Wool Mitten Gloves

$36 USD
Regular Fit
Heavy Weight

Properties:            Wear them as:

          Ultra Warm                           Outdoor Activities
          Wick Moisture                      Cell phone use
          Thermoregulating              ✨ Lounge wear


About this Pattern:

Need to check your phone when it’s freezing outside? We’ve got you covered! These mittens offer both warmth and convenience, allowing you to easily transition from mittens to fingerless gloves as needed. These convertible fingerless gloves showcase a festive winter berry design, perfect for capturing the essence of the season. Elevate your winter wardrobe with the perfect winter gloves that keep your hands both warm and ready for action.




✨ Machine wash cold & gentle cycle; air dry
✨ 80%  goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers