Women's Nordic Nest Goat Wool Leg Warmers

$36 USD
One size fits most
Relaxed Fit
Medium Weight

Properties:           Wear them as:

✨ Ultra Warm                        ✨ Lounge wear
✨ Thermoregulating             ✨ An extra layer of 
✨ Wick Moisture                        warmth during hiking,
                                                        Pilates, or yoga                



About this Pattern:

Perfect for chilly days and nights, our "Nordic Nest" leg warmers leg provide both insulation and breathability, keeping your ankles snug and comfortable in any weather. These warmers are crafted by hand on a loom with premium goat wool, ensuring unparalleled warmth and coziness. Inspired by a blend of traditional, delicate, and geometric characteristics, they add a touch of timeless charm to your winter ensemble. 



✨ 80% goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers    
✨ Top to mid-heel length: 17"
✨ Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry