Women's Coffee & Cream Goat Wool Leg Warmers

$36 USD
One size fits most
Relaxed Fit
Medium Weight

Properties:           Wear them as:

✨ Ultra Warm                        ✨ Lounge wear
✨ Thermoregulating             ✨ An extra layer of 
✨ Wick Moisture                        warmth during hiking,
                                                        Pilates, or yoga              


About this Pattern:

What can be better than a hot cup of coffee on a frosty winter morning? Well, we will tell you! A pair of our Coffee & Cream leg warmers! While it takes some time to brew yourself a cup of coffee, our knit leg warmers will instantly make you feel toasty and warm. Just slip on a pair of these loom knit winter accessories and enjoy your day.




✨ Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry
✨ Top to mid-heel length: 17"
✨ 80% goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers