Women's Autumn Leaves Goat Wool Low-Cut Socks

$30 USD

About this Pattern:

Imagine an autumn forest... The crisp air, the falling leaves, the crunch beneath your feet, and the quiet whisper of wind in the air. These are the images that will come to mind when you put on a cozy pair of our Autumn Leaves goat socks. Enjoy the fall scenery every day with us.

Amazing Properties:           Wear them as:

- Ultra Warm                     - Slipper socks
- Odor Resistant                - Winter boot socks
- Wick Moisture                 - Camping socks
- Ideal Thermoregulator   


- 80% soft goat hair, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers       
- Top to mid-heel length: 4.5"
- Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry