Men's Arctic Night Merino Wool Crew Socks

$32 USD

     Properties:            Wear them as:

         ✨ Ultra Warm                          ✨ Hunting socks
         ✨ Odor Resistant                    ✨ Camping socks
         ✨ Wick Moisture                     ✨ Sleeping socks
         ✨ Thermoregulating              ✨  Fishing socks


About this Pattern:

This design is a symbolic representation of snowy Arctic Nights. It reflects the contrast of the dark winter sky against a vast range of steep mountains with snow drifting down to form a crystal blanket across the frozen Tundra. Although they are based on traditional winter themes, these Merino wool socks are designed with modern, contemporary men in mind.



✨ Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry
✨ Top to mid-heel length: 9"
✨ 80% Merino sheep wool, 19% acrylic fibers, 1% other fibers