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Amazing Wool

All our apparel is made of either 80% Russian Goat wool, or 80% New Zealand Merino sheep wool. We currently sell socks, gloves, and mittens, but we are constantly looking to expand our line to meet the needs of our discerning customers. 

           Much of our clothing is made of Altai Mountain goat wool. Bread in the heart of Russia, these goats were sure to withstand the harsh Siberian winters, their strong constitution and adaptability to the severe conditions of the highland give their wool perfect qualities for winter wear. 

These are some of the qualities of Siberia Spirit artisanal socks and winter wear:

  •  Ultra-Warm: At an average winter temperature of -13 ºF in Siberia, you can be sure our goat wool products will keep you toasty warm
  •  Ideal Thermoregulatory: While our socks can withstand extreme temperatures, the natural properties of goat wool allow you to wear them comfortably in almost any climate
  •  Breathability and sweat absorbance: These qualities create an environment that decreases bacteria growth and odor
  • Easy Care: Machine washable and resilient our artisanal socks and winter wear require almost no upkeep and are guaranteed to last

           It is easy to see why Siberia Spirit artisanal socks and winter wear offer versatility and great value to be worn in any situation. Whether worn outside with boots or around the house in lieu of slippers, Siberia Spirit socks will provide you, our valued customer, with warmth, comfort, and enjoyment.

           Woven in the heart of Russia and often found in Farmers Markets in cities and the countryside, our artisanal-style socks have been designed to achieve the look and comfort of traditional hand knit socks. Many of our designs are based on patterns that have been handed down through generations. Small variations in color and weave naturally occur in our socks making each pair a unique addition to anybody’s wardrobe.

           With Siberia Spirit you are not just getting winter clothing. You are getting tradition, style, quality, and the care that can only be provided by people who truly stand by the products that they design and create.


  • Siberia Spirit said:

    Hi Teresa. You can absolutely put our wool products in the washer. Just make sure you wash them in cool/cold water, on a gentle cycle. And don’t forget to air dry them, otherwise, they might shrink in the drier. We hope you’ll find this information helpful:)

    July 17, 2023

  • teresa said:

    so i can put in washer? do i line dry them

    August 12, 2022

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