Forest Friends

About this Pattern:

Our love of nature is reflected in our Forest Friends socks’ design. The cute bunnies are playing hide-and-seek in the pine forest, while squirrels are busy searching for tasty nuts. And if you are lucky, you might even hear the song of a red Robbin as it flits from branch to branch. When you wear these socks, you’ll have a whole little forest at your feet.

Amazing Properties:           Great for:

- Ultra Warm                     - Around the house
- Odor Resistant                - Hiking Boots 
- Wick Moisture                 - Winter/tall Boots
- Ideal Thermoregulator   


80% soft goat wool, 20% acrylic fiber 
- Made in Russia    
- Top to mid-heel length: 16"
- Machine wash gentle cycle cool water; air dry

    SKU: SGKU017.1