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Siberia Spirit Socks

The majority of our socks are made of 80% Russian soft goat wool/hair. We also carry socks made us of 80% New Zealand Merino sheep wool. The remaining 20% is acrylic fiber, which adds strength and durability to the natural fibers of wool and helps create our unique patterns.

Goat wool and Merino wool are known for its soft, silky feel. Because of the high content of this particular kind of wool in our socks, most people find them extremely comfortable.

Due to the antibacterial and wicking properties of our wool socks, they do not need to be washed every time they are worm, unlike cotton or synthetic socks. You may wear them multiple times before laundering.

Our sheep wool socks, made of 80% New Zealand Merino wool, are soft and have a smooth, silky finish. The goat hair/wool socks, made of high-quality Russian wool, are soft with a fluffy finish. Although their appearance and texture differ from each other, both types possess the superior qualities associated with wool.

Siberia Spirit socks are made in Russia by a small family-owned business.

By nature, pure goat and sheep wool are not very durable materials. To increase the longevity of our products, we add acrylic fibers, which makes our socks last longer and provide more days of warmth and enjoyment.